Our latest software technologies help to maintain a centralized reservation system that helps to have a synchronised modus operand among various levels of management and other operations, ensuring a smooth and hindrance free data access.

The strength of our system lies in its power to be equally helpful to chain group of business as much as it is for an independent business. The solutions provided by our systems are flexible and easily handled by a wide range of users and requires minimal effort and support. It maintains itself round the clock to provide a hassle free transaction and daily operations

The advantages of the technology is that it ensures highest level of communication and easy to access and operate interfaces and a well synchronised internal flow that keep the data protected and attainable

Other Distinctive Features include:

  • Effective features to ensure the generation of better revenue streams
  • Superior controls to augment occupancy
  • Provision for real-time data update and distribution over multiple
  • Cohesive management measures and rate reports
  • Steps to facilitate advanced revenue management competencies
  • Wider options for International functionality including language options
  • Sturdy measures and protocols for Data security and payment channels
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While we help our clients to have a worldwide reach and distribution, it also becomes a necessity to have all these multiple channels coordinated and kept in sync with each other. The in house management system and our advanced technological resources help an easy to operate and maintain operations that enable real-time updating and feed of incoming data. Each data is then available at various chain levels for usage with simple maneuver and access of the website. These operations while happen on multiple bases, runs with an ease and efficiency capable of easy usage and management.

Unique Features:

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  • Effective synchronization and managing of rates and inventory on all channels.
  • Confirmation of rates and inventories editing and avoiding errors.
  • Increasing demand and visibility of the client hotel.
  • Maintaining current rate policies
  • Seamless updating and tuning through all levels without delay.
  • Ability to absorb fluctuations in demand.
  • Expanding the visibility over wider bases


To get a wider customer base, it is essential to have an easy and strong visibility of your service. We make sure that through a combined usage of our in house technology and available support systems in the market like Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan and Galileo, our clients gets a maximum visibility space and that the information and the data associated are constantly revived and maintained. Through our technological inputs, our clients get a vast coverage and distribution over various platforms ranging from travel agents to different consortia to ODD systems.

We maintain access to

  • Current Market Dominant GDs Technology like Galileo, Amadeus.
  • Travel agents
  • 3rd party websites, including Expedia, Travelocity,
  • Travel Consortia Like Amex, ABC, BCD, Cwt, etc.
  • Corporate Buyers And Agents
  • External booking channels
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With maximum automatic work, we ensure that the distribution and pricing strategies are reflected over multiple channels and each of these are updated to the latest versions and thereby eliminating the risk of human error and diminishing time and manpower requirement. It also allows direct access and management of the inventories and rates and also ensuring a smooth flow and effective business movement

Features of this include:

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  • Latest methodology in ensuring  connectivity that allows to maintain rates an inventory on a multitude of distribution channels
  • Optimization of all sales channels
  • Swiftly adjust to fluctuations in demand and improve revenues
  • Cancellations are immediately handled.
  • Rapid implementation of rate strategies.
  • Immediate updating of rates and inventories, and instant reservation delivery.
  • Rates, availability, and restrictions are instantly reflected on all OTA channels.