Revenue Management Assistance



A good revenue management makes sure that there is a healthy flow of the infrastructure and the resulting revenue and that it maintains its fluidity for a smoother business. We help our clients in effective revenue management through the application of thoroughly researched and effective techniques.

The action plan of these strategies focus on

  • Evaluating and analyzing the key competitors.
  • Estimating and Finalizing of rates over a year period.
  • Drafting a demand calendar.
  • Planning a forecast business model for the hotel.
  • Set strategic pricing for negotiated, corporate and group rates.
  • Online & Offline Distribution
  • Gaining a lucrative market spot for the hotel.
  • Aiding with the annual budgeting.
  • Pricing grid planning with adherence to the public rate structure.
  • Yield and Revenue Strategies.
  • Internet Marketing
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Our research team focuses on the latest market trends to estimate the necessity and demand and supply ration as to draft and effective and profitable rate structure for our clients. The market trend influences the pricing scheme which is equally important to have a hawk eye on the competitor pricing to not lose out on the market.

Our technology and tools helps you to compare and sketch out pricing strategies and reflect the same on different distribution channels. With the current market being so dynamic and unpredictable, it is essential to have a constant market trend analysis and a good overview of market movements

The advantages our resources provide are as follow:

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  • Up to date rate structures
  • Weekly market trend reports.
  • Convenient and accessible data
  • Updated OTA and GDS data
  • Reports on revenue management
  • Monitoring and compared strategies of competitors
  • Comparison study of room and rate ratio
  • Easy data management
  • Rate alerts and updating.
  • Rate management over hotel websites, OTA’s and GDS.


While millions of portals provide daily access to the worldwide hotel chains, to target your customers becomes an almost impossible task and that is why, we have developed our infrastructure strong enough to help our clients compete with competitors and take them head on.

Our strategies help our clients to be on the top of every list so that the consumers looking for the services can directly land on their page and to do this, we make sure that the data available are widespread for constant and direct visibility. We help grab a wider coverage and while covering a whole market range, the rates and all other vital information are updated and maintained without any discrepancies.

With Meta-Search marketing tools our clients get maximum output.

Some of the extended benefits of this meta-search marketing are

  • Increased direct sales ratio
  • OTA commission cost reduced
  • Increased profit ratio
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JoyStreet Hotels brings in the new and advanced technology to enhance your online booking performance. Our infrastructure is polished to give you increased sales and an approachable path for your existing clientele as well as inviting new target audiences with the easy to use and customer friendly booking assistance and services.

Our Internet Booking Services are aimed to attract more guests for your hotel by providing them the information that they seek rather than imposing marketing propaganda’s. We make sure that the customers using the services are able to reap the maximum benefits and are well aware of the services that will be provided and what can they expect and moreover the interface and the whole procedure has kept to minimal effort and time friendly

Some of the key features of this service being

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  • Easy and responsive design and interface.
  • Ready assistance at any level
  • Technology friendly and easily accessible on multiple platforms
  • Quick and user-friendly
  • Easy access to previous and current login details and transactions